Set your location profile to your City, not a State or Country.

The App is available in all countries, but you can restrict your profile to be visible only to cities near you. Look at next tab for details.

Inside the app, click on Settings > Which Location Can View Your Profile > Enter Your City/Ville and 100 Miles Radius

Once applied, only people within a 100 Mile Radius of the city you have specified will be able to see your profile.

Example, if you put “Miami, FL” and 100 Mile Radius, only people in Miami and nearby cities will be able to see your profile.

People in other states (like New York) or countries (like Haiti) will not be able to see your profile.

To receive Rankontre app notifications on your phone, you have to accept receiving notifications when installing the app.

You can go to the Rankontre app info on your phone and make sure Notifications is allowed.

On your phone, go to Rankontre app info > Notififications > then activate Show notifications

Go to rankontre.com, login, click on Change profile details from your homepage dashboard, then scroll at the bottom and click on ‘Delete Profile’ tab.

Must visit rankontre.com to delete profile (not available inside the app yet)

*Auto Purged. Your account is automatically deleted after 90-days of no activity.

Click on the Search icon and filter by your location or any other location. 

Go to rankontre.com, login, click on My Profile, and click on ‘Change Password’ tab located at the top.

Must visit rankontre.com to change password (not available inside the app)

Yes, it is private. No one on Facebook will know you’re on the app.
We will never post about your profile on Facebook. It’s merely a tool to login.

All dating apps have a Facebook login and we all keep our users profiles private.

It’s free to join and be part of the app, but you must be a VIP member to start a conversation and send unlimited chats.

To become a VIP member, inside the app, click on ‘Become a VIP’ and choose between $9.99 for 30 days or $19.99 for 90 days.

Pay via iTunes or Google Play inside the Rankontre app or with a Credit/Debit Card here.

Haiti Open, Inc. will show on card statement.

*Send us an email with your “username” after you have made a payment: support@rankontre.com

The payment options below are one-time payment. You will have to renew per 30 days or per 90 days or per 12 months.

$10 – Rankontre 30 Days VIP Membership


$20 – Rankontre 90 Days VIP Membership


$60 – Rankontre 12 Months VIP Membership