Dating Haitian Women

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Dating Haitian Women

Article by Shirley Dorsainvil

In the dating market, Haitian women are less likely to be contacted, even more excluded from dating than  Haitian men. They are stereotyped as the too angry, too strong, and too independent ethnicity in the dating pool. This depiction makes it hard for Haitian women romantically because societies have emasculated them. If they’re lucky enough to not fall into any of the previous categories, individuals are fetishizing them to be checked off as a “date a black woman . . . check”. A long overdue movement  but nonetheless, now, is a high time the narrative is shifted to acknowledge how amazing it is to date a Haitian woman.

Dating Haitian Women

You know that feeling you get when you take your first sip of jupina soda from the pate lady after a long hot day? Refreshed, cool down, and a sudden mood lifter… that’s exactly what it feels like dating a Haitian woman. There’s so much more to this ethnic group that meets the eyes. Although not showcased at first glance, they are as soft as butter, especially when they trust their partners leadership’s. Dating a Haitian woman is gaining a  fiercely loyal, hardworking and  nurturing partner. These qualities alone make them  promising candidates as wives. A more in-depth analyzation of the qualities of Haitian women will only further support such statements. So, let’s dive in!

Qualities of Haitian Women

Raised to be the breadwinner of their family regardless of standing (first child, middle, etc. ), Haitian women are as ambitious as they come. Yet, because of the Haitian culture, they are still domesticated to learn and fulfill traditional woman role. So that makes them strong in two areas, the household and professionally. If one is looking for a partner that’s going to take care of business at home and in the streets, look no further. Haitian women are the ones for you.

We curated a survey on twitter asking the public to share some qualities that they notice and love about Haitian woman. The results went something along these lines:

“Haitian woman are beautiful individuals inside and out”

“They will go to great lengths for the person they truly care about (when treated right)”

To add sprinkles unto the already iced cake, Haitian women were also described as passionate and supportive.

As you read this you’ll probably thinking ‘when are they going to get to the good part?’ Well now is the time, the topic we all been waiting to touch base on…sex. Sex and Sexual chemistry are important components of a thriving and healthy relationship. Despite traditional conservative upbringings, Haitian women are no exemptions. With voluptuous bodies gifted by the Haitian diet and rhythm learned from some sweet kompa/gouyad sessions,  sex with Haitian woman is a satisfying experienced for most. It’s so captivating there should be a warning sign on Haitian woman saying, “possibility of  falling in love.” Seriously though, there have been more satisfying stories than horror stories (if any) in that category.

So down to earth, mesmerizing and sensual like no other, dating a Haitian woman is an experienced one doesn’t easily forget.  Discretely but intentionally Haitian women uses familial upbringings, the Haitian culture, and their own personal twist to easily captivate and impress their partner.  We say discretely because on the surface they showcase a very independent, not with the slick  sh*t attitude but once trust is gained, they are real sweethearts. In other words, they are not the group of women to try to run game on, being straight forward and intentional is the best way to catch their attention.

With all that said, who wouldn’t want to be dating a Haitian woman? We went a little deeper to understand the qualities of Haitian woman to not only showcase how great of a candidate they are in the dating world but as well as marriage.  

Marriage and Haitian Woman

Not to be dramatic, but Haitian woman  are raised to be loving, supportive wives  basically since birth. At very young ages, they were domesticated to complete household duties with the intentions of learning these skills for their future husband and family. Soft like butter physically and emotionally, ambitious, tasty cooks are just a few of the benefits  one gain from having a Haitian woman as a wife. As a mother to your child, a Haitian woman will make sure that their child lacks for nothing! If there’s anyone that can make a way out of nothing, it is Haitian woman.  So do yourself the favor and get with a Haitian women.

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