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Dating Haitian Women

Dating Haitian Women Article by Shirley Dorsainvil In the dating market, Haitian women are less likely to be contacted, even more excluded from dating than  Haitian men. They are stereotyped as the too angry, too strong, and too independent ethnicity in the dating pool. This depiction makes it hard for Haitian women romantically because societies have emasculated them. If they’re lucky enough to not fall into any of the previous categories, individuals are fetishizing them to …

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Dating Haitian Men

Dating Haitian Men Article by Shirley Dorsainvil Society has a way of demonizing Haitian men into serial womanizers. While this narrative is a hyper focused relationship violation, there are amazing qualities of Haitian men to bring awareness to. Dating Haitian men is like dating all men, it requires patience, intent, and introspection. With these three possibilities, we then begin to understand the Haitian man. Specifically, their potential as a husband, their qualities, and even their …

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Haitian Love Matters

Haitian Love Matters Article by Shirley Dorsainvil Over the years, media outlets have put a spotlight on failed Haitian relationships and marriages. The narrative of being Haitian and in love is complicated, and will always be complicated. So it’s no surprise that defining “Haitian love” is difficult. But what many people may not be aware of is that Haitian Love Matters. While many Haitians live in difficult situations and face challenging decisions every day, they …